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God is the sovereign creator over all the Earth.  Jesus, the son of God, says He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  Everything was created by Him and we believe all answers can be found in Him.  And the best part of all, God gave us His Word so we could know Him.

Ask the Pastors was formed in response to the overwhelming need for Biblical answers to life’s tough questions.  Pastor Chris Marshall (D.Min) and Pastor Brad French (M.Div in progress) are here to answer your questions.  Ask your questions by clicking the “Ask the Pastor” button on the homepage and Pastor Chris and Pastor Brad will do their very best to answer them from a biblical perspective.

This website has grown out of our belief that the answers to life’s hard questions are found in the Bible.

Some of life’s questions don’t have easy answers, and some don’t seem to have answers at all.  From time to time, you may ask questions to which we don’t know the answers.  If so we’ll tell you and let you know whether the reason we don’t have the answer is because we don’t believe the question has an answer from God’s word, or we just don’t know what that answer is.  If we don’t know we’ll look until we find it, and get back to you.

Our purpose for starting Askthepastors.org is we believe Jesus Christ is THE answer to all of our questions, and the Bible is the only sure guide for our faith and lives.  We want to point folks to Jesus and His word, because we know when we live in Him and the power of His Holy Spirit, and under the guidance of the Bible our lives make the most sense and ultimately we walk the “straight and narrow road” that leads to life.

We won’t offer easy, pat answers to your questions.  We don’t have all the answers, but we know that Jesus told us He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and as such He is enough to get us through life when not having an answer or even having an answer doesn’t make life easier.

We hope that Askthepastors.org will lead you to ask important questions AND to seek the answers to the questions in God’s word and through active participation in His body the Church.  God’s word and our experience tell us that the abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10 is best found in relationship with Him and His body.  While He is perfect and His church is not, following Jesus is a “team sport” that finds its fullest expression in and through participation in a local body of Jesus Christ.

We pray that you will find meaningful answers at Askthepastors.org, and an even more meaningful life through living in Jesus Christ and with others who are seeking to follow Him first and faithfully in their lives!

-Pastors Chris and Brad

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